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V2 Workspace

When an LMD file is opened in VenturiOne®, the Previews area of the Workspace automatically displays all Single Parameter Histogram Plots and all Dual Parameter Color Density Plots associated with the opened LMD file. The axis displays the stain name ($PxS) taken from the FCS header of the opened LMD file.

VenturiOne® allows users to create plots by looking at the data, rather than having to create the plot, and then look at the data. It is the speed of VenturiOne® that permits visualisation of all the parameters against each other. Manual compensation can be performed in the previews, just drag a population to adjust its compensation and it updates in real time.

The gating of the preview plots automatically updates depending on plot or region selection.

Key features include;

  • Preview of all parameters against each other
  • Can be gated
  • Display as density, colour precedence or precedence density plots
  • Apply quadrant regions
  • Automatically calculate or manually adjust compensation


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