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Operation Guides

Adobe reader is needed to view these files, click HERE to download if the software is not already installed on your system.

General Quick Guides

» PD035-301 Step by step instructions for operation of
   the STarSystem

» PD035-302 Calibrating the STarSystem using the script manager
» PD035-303 calibrating the STarSystem using instrument controls
» PD035-304 perform control verification of your STarSystem
» PD035-305 Probe height adjustment
» PD035-306 Description of maintenance operations
» PD035-307 Description of default scripts
» PD035-308 An introduction to STarStation curve fitting
» PD035-323 Outline of the status indicators and icons found in   STarStation


» PD035-324 Complete Walk through of the STarStation software

» PD035-309 How to continue an interrupted assay reading following a    system error

» PD035-310 How to adjust the sample probe height
» PD035-311 How to verify the pressure of the STarSystem sheath
   delivery device

» PD035-312 STarSystem control microsphere overview
» PD035-315 How to import data into Excel
» PD035-322 What to do if calibration fails


» PD035-316 Step by step guide of the worklist view

» PD035-317 step by step guide of the acquisition view
» PD035-318 step by step guide of the analysis view
» PD035-319 step by step guide of the reports view
» PD035-320 how to use the instrument controls function
» PD035-321 Walkthrough of the StarStation management tools


» PD035-313 microtitre plate template
» PD035-314 STarSystem maintenance log


» PD035-325 Complete guide to installing the STarSystem
» PD035-326 Quick guide to installing STarStation 2.3 software
» PD035-327 Complete guide to installing STarStation 2.3 software
» PD035-328 Quick guide to installing the STarSystem

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