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STarStation Main Features

  • Validated for use with Microsoft Windows XP®
  • Automated and configurable daily maintenance via the custom-designed STarUtility plate and STarStation Script Manager

  • Open system that is compatible qwith MicroPlex™, MicroPlex™ - xTAG™ and Magnetic microsphere assay kits from a range of suppliers.

  • Well established cytometer control engine providing increased system reliability and performance.

  • Automatic analysis of multiplex result.

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Data export to Microsoft Excel or Applied Cytometry STarBase SNP_R Allelic Ratio Analysis software

  • 5-parameter weighted curve-fitting analysis of multiplex data.

  • Automated calculation of concentration and coefficient of variation.

  • Real-time display of data acquisition, including microsphere classification plot and median flourescence intensity values for all analytes.

  • Review and optimize raw flourescence data via listmode data analysis with the capability of modifying MicroPlef™ microsphere classification protocols.
  • Define assay acceptance criteria for automatic outlier rejection

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