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STarStation 3.0 provides researchers with integrated control of the Luminex® LX100™ or LX200™ multiplex assay detection system and offers the following key features:

  • Total control and analysis package or off line analysis at your desk top
  • Open system that is compatible with all formats of microspheres
  • Maximizes productivity with enhanced script, reagent and assay manager
  • Improves flexibility with re-analyse and automatic report generation
  • Streamlined reporting for easy driscrimination of your results
  • Assay quality control with automatic outlier rejection

STarStation 3.0 is available in System Control or Off-line Analysis configurations.

In addition to the STarStation software, Applied Cytometry offers an extensive product range for all your multiplexing needs:

» STarBase SNP-R software
Performs fast and accurate SNP analysis via the Luminex® multiplex system and FlexMAP™ microspheres.

» STarCollate
Analyze up to 20 assay plates from one standard curve

» Worklist Editor
Allows users to alter the plate layout of an assay after it has been run.

» STarUtility Plates
To automate the daily maintenance routines of your Luminex system.

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