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new applied cytometry homepage
The new home page for Applied Cytometry
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Website allows flow cytometrists to try before they buy.
Opportunity to see how innovative software can speed the analysis of flow cytometry data.

By visiting Applied Cytometry’s newly launched web site – – users of flow cytometry systems can now see for themselves how the company’s latest STarStation and VenturiOneTM software can help them streamline their procedures and explore the true potential of their data.

Furthermore, potential purchasers can use the new website to ‘try before they buy’ by requesting 30-day free trials of the company’s software, and will soon be able to order it directly, online.

By assessing an on-line video tutorial, visitors can instantly see how the innovative thinking behind STarStation V3.0 for the Luminex®’s 100™ and 200™ multiplex assay detection systems can help them speed up and improve their assay preparation by using magnetic rather than vacuum separation of the microspheres.

There are also descriptions of how VenturiOneTM allows them to analyse their data up to ten times faster and work with even the largest datasets.

The launch of the new Applied Cytometry website reflects the company’s shift in focus from being merely a supplier to a leading flow cytometer manufacturers to becoming, additionally, an innovative software developer in its own right. This new positioning, and the revised branding that accompanies this, puts Applied Cytometry at the forefront of the market for high performance flow cytometry analysis software. With VenturiOneTM, this is achieved by harnessing the company’s proprietary multicore 32- and 64-bit processor technology, which greatly reduces analysis times and speeds throughput.

Commenting on the launch of the new website and the company repositioning, Dr Tracey Long, Marketing Manager, said, “The clean and fresh format of the site allows visitors to be directed instantly to the information they require, cutting unnecessary click-throughs and streamlining their visit.”

Issued on behalf of Applied Cytometry by De Facto Communications.

For more information, contact:

Sarah Herrmann De Facto 44 207 861 3023

Tracey Long Applied Cytometry 44 01909 517615


Applied Cytometry Achvieve Certification

On the 11th June 2007 Applied Cytometry achieved certification to BS EN ISO 13485:2003 Medical Devices - Quality Management Systems - requirements for Regulatory Purposes with the National Quality Assurance.

"This certification is in addition to our existing certification to ISO 9001:2000, and demonstrates the commitment of the company in ensuing that Applied Cytometry has an effective system in achieving all customer requirements. This certification is essential to our development of products in the medical field" says Mr. Tony Burpee, CEO of Applied Cytometry.



New STarStation Version 2.3 Released

Applied Cytometry are pleased to announce the immediate availability of STarStation version 2.3 software.

Version 2.3 of STarStation software has been developed for Luminex LX200™ and LX100™ systems that use the new LXR 2.0 cytometer controller. This new engine provides an increase in both performance and reliability when controlling Luminex devices. The LXR 2.0 communication engine runs as a service on the system PC allowing the automatic detection and configuration of Luminex devices as they are connected.

STarStation 2.3 provides researchers with integrated control of the Luminex® 100 or LX200 platforms and offers the following Key features:

  • Use with Windows 2000® and Windows XP® operating systems.
  • Improved cytometer control engine providing increased system reliability and performance.

STarStation 2.3 is available in System Control and Analysis-Only configurations.


New STarStation v2.0 software has arrived!

More user friendly and flexible, running the Luminex 100™ and Multiplex assays using STarStation software has never been easier. STarStation v2.0 allows functions to be pre-programmed so you can walk away and save more time!

Enhanced features include:

  • Automated daily startup, shutdown, calibration, verification routines
  • Instrument display giving visual feedback and current status of your Luminex®
  • New weighted 5PL curve algorithms for greater choice and flexibility for curve fitting of standard points
  • Improved plots and tool tips giving more information during acquisition

As well as unique re-analysis features to optimise data, automatic generation of results and standard curves and import to Excel, STarStation software gives users of xMAP technology advanced flexibility and data analysis capabilities.

STarStation v2.0 is part of the ACS STarSystem, for the detection of Soluble Targeted arrays using Luminex®. It is available as full System Control (aquisition and analysis software) and off-line Analysis software for PC's. Existing Luminex 100™ instruments can also be upgraded to STarStation v2.0.


Applied Cytometry to Attend Planet xMAP 2005

Applied Cytometry plans to attend the second annual Planet xMAP Symposium in Austin, Texas. This event will be held April 25-27, 2005 at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown.

This symposium is customized for end-users of the Luminex xMAP® technology, a microsphere-based multiplexing system. This groundbreaking technology enables companies, researchers and laboratories to perform bioassays quickly and efficiently, while ensuring optimum accuracy. A key feature of this robust technology is that it allows simultaneous analysis of up to 100 analytes in a single sample. The system delivers fast and cost-effective bioassay results in many assay formats including nucleic acid assays, receptor-ligand assays, immunoassays and enzymatic assays.

For more information please visit:


ACS to Attend Cell Biology Meeting

Applied Cytometry Systems will be attending the 44th annual meeting for the American Society for Cell Biology in Washington DC, December 5-8, 2004.

Please visit booth 667 for a demonstration, or to view the newest release of the STarStation software for the Luminex 100 platform. Hope to see you there!

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